An investment now in prelisting consulting and homestaging is less than a potential price reduction.
Market-ready homes have traditionally had maximum appeal to the greatest number of buyers. The profile of today’s Atlanta Metro buyer is a young, well-paid professional — technically savvy, value-conscious and seeking updated amenities. With limited time for projects, the prospective buyer is more attracted to MOVE-IN READY homes versus FIXERS. Additionally, extremely limited financing options in the secondary market even further constrain those buyers seeking FIXERS. Essentially, today’s FIXERS compete with “STEALS” aka FORECLOSURES or SHORT SALES in the buyer’s mind.

And buyers are tougher than ever in negotiations. A seller’s best offense is a strong defense . . . a MOVE-IN READY home, in MARKET-READY CONDITION with UPDATED/ CURRENT AMENITIES, ACCURATELY PRICED and PROMOTED by a Real Estate professional, continues to sell well in the current market. Essentially, it’s the traditional PRODUCT, PRICE and PROMOTION sales pyramid that forms the basis of a great offense… you and your Realtor determine the PRICE and PROMOTION bases and we help you with the PRODUCT capstone.

It is the act of preparing and improving a residence to make it appeal to the largest market and is based on the key principle that how you design a home to live in and how you design a home for the market are two completely different approaches.
  • Staged homes sell 49% faster than non-staged homes. (NAR)
  • Staged homes sell for 7-10% over the average home price. (NAR)
  • Staged homes have a competitive edge and appraise for more.
  • Staged homes show better in print and advertising.
  • Realtors are more inclined to show a staged property.