Who are your primary clients?
Homeowners, Realtors, Builders, Investors, and Financial Institutions.

Why is there a need for The Fresh Look?
In today's Real Estate market, buyers enjoy an advantage they clearly lacked in years past. Astute sellers must develop a proactive strategy to position their home for a timely, successful and profitable sale. The Fresh Look offers an objective, third party preexisting consltation service keenly focused on every detail of the property, from the curb, throughout the home and grounds.

But doesn't my listing Realtor do a walk-through of my home?
Absolutely. Our consultation is clearly focused to enhance the valuable services offered by your Realtor and allow you to have your home in optimal condition, as soon as possible, within budgetary constraints, hassle-free.

What specific services are offered?
The Clean Look - Interior and exterior cleaning services of light, moderate and heavy nature.
The Organized Look - De-clutter basements, garages, closets, cabinets and tabletops.
The Updated Look - Freshening decor, neutralizing colors, minimizing obstacles.
The Staged Look - Practical, warm enhancements to owners' personal furnishings.
The Designed Look - Custom design services and makeovers.

Are you insured?
Yes, The Fresh Look is licensed and insured.

I thought staging was only for McMansions?
While some designers focus on the large home market there is also a tremendous amount of success for homeowners in the mid-upper market segment. Statistics indicate that professionally staged homes sell for 7%+ more than un-staged homes.

What is the cost of The Fresh Look?
Cost of your initial prelisting consultation is determined by the square footage of your home. Any additional contracted services are priced specific to the requirements of the job. Our proving structure is designed to be quite attractive to budget conscious homeowners.

What areas do you serve?
At this time our primary focus is on Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Forsyth counties.

Do you take evening and weekend appointments.